Your 'Sherpa' to Sustainability in AEC and Real Estate

Blending architectural excellence with sustainability and well-being, driving change in the built environment through innovative collaboration processes and strategies.

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If you are lost in the complexities of sustainability and health in the Built Environment, you have found the right person to guide your way.

Hi, I'm Marc, a dedicated professional on sustainability and strategic innovation. Over the past two decades, I have led diverse teams on international building projects, ranging from modest to large developments of a few hundred million euros. This journey has equipped me with the expertise to navigate the complex landscape of sustainable buildings, understanding the challenges, pitfalls, and dynamics of team collaboration.

My background is fortified by a degree in architecture, an MBA in Innovation and Circular Economy and a post graduate certificate in building physics. Coupled with certifications as a BREEAM and WELL AP professional, and a certificate in ESG investment, I possess a comprehensive skillset to tackle all facets from sustainable buildings to organizational strategy on sustainability, health and wellbeing.

My understanding of both the technical nuances and strategic facets of sustainability in the Built Environment enables me to guide teams to impactful solutions.

Here are some ways we can 'climb' together.

The journey to sustainability is unique for every organization. Drawing inspiration from the Sherpas, known for their expert guidance in the harshest terrains, I offer specialized services designed to meet you wherever you are on your sustainability journey:

I help you climb alone

To empower you and your team with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the sustainability landscape independently, I provide customized sustainability training, goal setting workshops, strategic advice, and regular support to help your team navigate sustainability independently.


We climb together

We partner to co-create solutions, develop strategies, and manage projects, fostering innovation and achieving milestones like WELL and BREEAM certifications through joint innovation sessions, hands-on strategy development workshops and collaborative project management for initiatives that require expert guidance and execution.


I carry you up

For comprehensive project solutions, I offer project management of building certifications and ESG strategy development and implementation.

Bring me your challenge!

Ready to start your journey to sustainable practices? I'm here to guide your ascent. Book a first call to explore how we can make a meaningful impact on the Built Environment together.

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